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Mission Statement

The Lord has blessed the Youtube ministry of Spencer Smith, and there has been a massive amount of requests to help find a Fundamental Baptist Church.

This website is intended to be the resource for those seeking to bring their families out of liberal modernistic, and compromising neo-evangelical churches, into a more biblical and fundamental type church.


This website has been compiled by Spencer Smith and his associates.

The churches listed on this site are believed to be conservative Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches. We understand that churches can change over time, and some listed on this site may not fit this description anymore. We reserve the right to remove church listings at our discretion.

This website is not a blanket endorsement of everything that these churches do, nor is it their endorsement of Spencer Smith.

This is not a fellowship, convention, or national denomination directory. Every church listed is independent, and self governing. If you feel uncomfortable with your church being listed, then please feel free to request removal. We will do so with no hurt feelings or questions asked.

If you find that your church is not listed, and you want it to be listed, then please feel free to submit your church information.

Learn more about the dangers of the worldly church from the YouTube ministry of Spencer Smith.

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